SIA Membership

In 2019, SIA corporate membership increased 13 percent over 2018. A full 96 percent of members would recommend SIA to industry colleagues, according to SIA's 2019 Member Satisfaction Survey.

As of the end of 2019, total membership consisted of 1,028 corporate members.

In addition to this high satisfaction rating, 76 percent of SIA members also rated their corporate membership as a competitive advantage in the security marketplace.

In 2019, SIA continued its efforts to further diversify the corporate membership base. SIA membership spans the security ecosystem, from manufacturers to integrators, monitoring providers and specialized services firms, right up through the channel to the consultants working directly with security practitioners. Growth continued in the segment of A&E firms, and integrators and dealers continue to comprise one of SIA’s fastest-growing sectors for membership.

SIA corporate membership continues to reflect the changing nature and broad scope of today’s security industry. SIA is no longer just for physical security equipment manufacturers.

Breakdown by Member Type:

  • Manufacturers: 51%
  • Service providers: 18%
  • Integrators/dealers: 18%
  • Associates/rep firms/organizational: 6%
  • Distributors: 3%
  • Investment firms: 2%
  • Architecture and engineering security consultants: 1%